Friday, November 20, 2015

ISIL vs France

Planned in Syria, organized in Belgium, carried out in Paris, France. The deadliest attack on French soil since World War II. On November 13 Paris was set under emergency. The sound of death rung Paris. The Attack horrified the world, which ISIL(Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) claimed responsibility on Dark Web.

France has submit the draft in UN to get authorized going for War against ISIL in the Middle-East. Once UN authorizes France, France will be in the War for the long haul. France has been dragged into the War with them by ISIL. War against ISIL is a long term involvement for the French; with no easy way out and no withdrawal sooner would be possible as French now has a legitimate cause and has declared War with them.

This all started when the French invited terrorism on their soil by permitting, starting the cartoon draw campaign in their country. France has drawn terrorism towards their own-selves and their people, by drawing blasphemous cartoons which was regarded sacred and hurt sentiments of Billions of people across the world.

 The cartoon pictures drew huge attention to the French from every corners of the World. What was started with just a pencil got French involved fighting with guns and airships against their invited terrorist friends in the Middle-East.

The important note to the understanding of French involvement in the Middle-East, are common interest against terrorism with other countries that French now has. Unnecessary French allegiance to fight against terrorism with other States will cost France expensively.

United States of America has reasonable causes to go on War against Terrorism, and its suitable to them as they are the World Authority; but France will be fighting a War which they had drawn upon them own-selves.

The terrorist are always looking for an opportunity to find to get their reasons become an actionable cause for their motives. French provided this opportunity to them, they led them to their own French soil. And now, there are small networks inside France which carries out attacks time after time. France needs to eliminate their home grown hate campaign which organizations like ISIL gives a lot of attention to, and use the French hatred as their recruiting tool for fresh blood fighters and for their War.

Charlie Hebdo center was almost near from where the ISIL men charged an attack in Paris. Why did they not go for the Charlie Hebdo Hate Center? Because they only needed the cause for the launch of the attack, they have their motives, Charlie Hebdo and their Cartoons don't matter to them any more. The fuel and hatred which was taken from the cartoons are now applied elsewhere for other terror causes.

France should go back, look into the root cause of this terrorism which is the World news today, rather than bombing and spending millions of their tax-payers money into Syria and Iraq, the War enemy which they invented.